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Melbourne, 1900-1961.
A restored Sprung Frame Barb
A restored Sprung Frame Barb

This Barb has been a project of careful restoration by it's owner, though still needs a few finishing touches before it is complete.

The owner researched at the Canberra Bicycle Museum for further information on Barbs, and says that he also had some assistance from Warren Meade. 

The bicycle had come to him as a frame only, with no original paint and he has done all of the paintwork by hand, with brushes, using tinned enamel paints.  No stencils or spray applications were used during the restoration.  

It has been built up to its present state with period components, and is one of the well known models of Sprung Frame Barbs that Finlay Brothers produced. 

Not finished yet, but looks great!

With many thanks to the owner of this bicycle for the information and providing the great photographs.

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