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1940's Barb brochure (probably late 1940's)
1940's Barb brochure (probably late 1940's)
The following Barb bicycle brochure is a most interesting publication because it contains detailed specifications for five different models of Barbs, including two different Sprung Frame bicycles.  Numerous references to James Finlay are made throughout the brochure as well.

It is most likely to have been printed in the late 1940's.  This is suggested by several features.

Firstly, it was definitely printed post 1941, as it shows the new Elizabeth Street premises of Finlay Brothers - opened in 1941.

Secondly, the brochure gives plently of advertising space to the Sprung Frame models - production of which had been significantly impacted by the material's shortages of World War II.1  This suggests that the catalogue is likely to be of the post-war era.

*Please note - it was somewhat difficult to get all the printed sections clear during the scanning of this brochure.  If you need further information from this brochure, please email us:

The following table lists the specifications for the Sprung Frame models
(from the centre of the two preceding pages):


1.  Finlay Brothers, Barb - The Cycle of Distinction, brochure from the 1940's.
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