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"The Roy" - A one of a kind?
"The Roy" - A one of a kind?

This unique bicycle has been an intriguing discovery...

Yes...  that is a Finlay Brothers "Barb" head badge on the head tube

Yes...  the four-digit frame number on "The Roy" is similar to other 1940's Barb bicycles 


the bicycle does not appear to have any "Barb" signwriting and instead has the beautifully scripted signage of "The Roy".

Theories abound:

Could it have been some kind of limited edition release by Finlay Brothers?

Does "The Roy" refer to the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy where James Finlay -  the father of the Finlay Brothers - had his velocipede building business?

Does it refer to a gentleman whose first name was Roy, and who is known to have worked at Finlay Brothers in the Engineering Department with Bob Finlay - well known for his bicycle designs?

Does it refer to the Bendigo business R.J. Conroy (ie ConROY) who were a Barb bicycle agency in the 1940's?  This final theory is given further weight with the fact that "The Roy" was re-sold at one stage in the Bendigo area.

Could the crown-like illustrations on the signage be a further clue?

A most interesting bicycle!

With many thanks to the owner of this bicycle for help in preparing the description and providing the great photographs.

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