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1940's Barb brochure
1940's Barb brochure

The following information is taken from a Finlay Brothers Barb brochure that seems to have been published at some time during the 1940's - with the catalogue describing the effect of "wartime economies" and that their "post-war Barb range" would include further models.

All punctuation is as found in brochure:

1940's Barb brochure - front cover.  Courtesy of Ted Lynch

Specifications and Prices of Barb Models

Sports Model

The Semi-Racer designed frame is built with tapered Rear Stays brazed to frame and Front Forks trapped and brazed solid.  Best British parts throughout, Clutch and Philco Centre Pull Brake, Brooks Racing Saddle, Milliken Racing Bars, Phillips Pedals and Toe Clips, Complete with Pump and Tools. Price, £15/5/-.

1940's Barb brochure - page 2 illustration. Courtesy of Ted Lynch

Barb Roadster Standard

Built with best British fittings and fitted with Heavy Duty Mudguards enamelled to suit colour of Cycle, Narrow Steel Rims, Rat Trap Pedals, Rustless Spokes, Major Taylor Handle Bars, Coventry Cycle Chain and Olympic Tyres, Pump and Tools.  Price, £11/12/6.

Barb Roadster De Luxe

Same as for Barb Roadster Standard with Eadie Coaster Hub (crossed out), or Free Wheel Clutch and Hand Brake.  Price, £12/17/6.

Barb Ladies’ Standard

Built with low riding position for ease and safety, Best British Parts, Comfortable Saddle, Mudguards, Dress Net, Chain Guard, Rustless Spokes, Pump and Tools, Attractive Colours.  Price, £12/19/-.

Barb Ladies’ De Luxe

Same as for Barb Ladies’ Standard with Eadie Coaster Hub (crossed out), or Free Wheel Clutch and Hand Brake.  Price, £14/4/-.

Barb Ladies’ “Gloucester” De Luxe

A Ladies’ Cycle of great distinction.  Built with Barb low riding position; it has all the features of the Barb Ladies’ models but with these additional English refinements: Oil Chain Bath totally enclosing Chain, English Mattress and 2-coil super-comfort Saddle, Red Reflector on rear mudguard, chrome plated front fork crown; Rubber Pedals; Eadie Coaster Hub, or Clutch and Hand Brake; Pump and Tools.  Price £16/19/6.

Barb Sprung Frame Models

Wartime economies have made it impossible to produce the famous Barb Sprung Frame Cycle in the quantities sufficient to meet the demands for these exclusive models.  The post-war Barb range will include Sprung Frame Ladies’ and Gent’s models; meanwhile, some Sprung Frame Models are available from time to time for cyclists who desire added comfort and pleasure.


If required, all Barb Cycles may be purchased on terms.



316-320 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

Telephone: F9341 (5 lines)

1940's Barb brochure - back cover. Courtesy of Ted Lynch

Source: Finlay Brothers, Barb - The Cycle of Distinction, brochure from the 1940's. Courtesy of Ted Lynch.

Barb Cycles