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Melbourne, 1900-1961.
Sprung Frame Barb - rear suspension
Sprung Frame Barb - rear suspension

This Barb bicycle is part of Paul and Charlie Farren’s vintage bicycle collection in Melbourne. 

Paul writes: 

his is a fabulous little bike.  I bought it from Addo Zevenbergen.

Something was clamped to the down tube which is why the gold letters are still in good shape. I think this was a motor of some type.  The bottom bracket axle was elongated when I obtained it which also indicates the same thing, as the cranks need to be further apart to clear the engine.

The wheels are 26in and the suspension is in perfect order and is really comfortable to use. It is fixed wheel and the sprocket at the rear has been welded onto the axle.

There are Randonneur bars on the bike, and the brakes are early versions of the recent long arm brakes from Shimano - although being non-adjustable they are a problem to get just right. These brakes were a Finlay invention and patent.

It sports a hand made leather saddle."

With thanks to Paul Farren for preparing the description of this bicycle and letting us display these photographs.


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