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1940's Barb bicycle still owned by original family
1940's Barb bicycle still owned by original family

This 1940’s Barb bicycle has been owned by the one family, since its purchase in Bendigo in around 1944.

It was ridden extensively by its owner from his boarding house in Bendigo, to his work as an apprentice at the Bendigo Ordinance Factory.  Sometimes the bicycle would even be ridden the 26km trip between his workplace and the family home at Harcourt North.

Certainly this bicycle’s history strongly illustrates an era when cycling was a primary (and essential) mode of transport for so many people.

This bicycle has now been passed to the owner’s son, and is being rebuilt with a future view to being in fully rideable condition.

The Barb’s original owner (now in his eighties), has recorded the story of its early life (see below) and we are very proud to display this within the website.  With time, we also hope to be able to add more photographs of future restoration progress.

With many thanks to the owner of this bicycle for help in preparing the description and providing the great photographs.


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